Haymaker Gym
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Haymaker is an anti-racist and anti-sexist gym that provides self-defense, martial arts, and fitness classes. Our gym is completely based on volunteer participation and all of our classes are free.

We strive to be an anti-oppressive and anti-fascist gym, which means that:

  • We condemn martial arts training for state violence (police officers, active duty military, ICE agents, etc).

  • We respect our training partners by not using any bigoted language or sexualizing them in the gym.

  • We also try to be communicative while were doing partner drills, i.e. ask your partner if they want more resistance, don’t just correct your partner’s technique, ask them if they want the correction.

All drills are opt-in. You can sit out anything you don’t want to participate in. You don’t need anyone’s permission to take a break.

You do not have to be “in shape” to take a class at Haymaker. Every body has different capacities and being “in shape” means different things to different people.

Each class will begin with one person introducing the class and reminding everyone of the points above, as well as going around in a circle and giving your name and (if you wish) pronouns.

Each class will end with a chance to reflect. This time to reflect aims to break down any hierarchy in the class, where you can share your thoughts, feelings, and critiques without being responded to.

Shout out to Molly Crabapple, illustrator of our website banner above, and her model, Sashalyn Medina! Please check out their amazing work at https://mollycrabapple.com and http://sashalynillo.com.