Most gyms sell their customers on ideals of strength and fitness. But we’re not here to make people fit in with damaging images of desirability and violent masculinity. We strive to organize ourselves and our gym on the basis of strength, solidarity, and autonomy.

Strength is not being able to resist or overpower forces outside of us. It means being vulnerable with each other, supporting each other, and changing ourselves, together. Building trust through collective practices and showing up for each other is solidarity. In a world increasingly characterized by a growing list of threats and crises, many (men, mostly) turn to the ideal of the rugged individual persevering through the chaos. Instead, we turn to each other and ask how we can positively contribute to struggles that call us beyond our own narrow horizons.

Finally, we organize autonomously because strength and care cannot grow amidst institutions that disempower us. In this precarious world, we don't expect anyone to come and save us. We're all we've got. We’re not affiliated with any political organization or party. Instead, we believe in the value of experimentation as different people meet each other and find collective power in the space they share. 

Haymaker is located at 2412 W 24th Place, behind Franco’s Barber Shop (also across from Working Bikes).